Peripheral Nerve Injury

Approximately 250,000 people per year experience peripheral nerve injuries in the U.S. with an overall cost to the healthcare system of $150 billion.  Microsurgery is the standard of care for treating severed peripheral nerves, the prognosis for which varies greatly depending on the nature of the injury itself (size and anatomic location) and patient factors (advanced age).  In general, peripheral nerve injuries tend to heal very slowly, and it may take many months to achieve maximal healing. In many cases, full recovery from peripheral nerve injury is not possible, and patients are left with permanent sensory or motor deficits, such as weakness or paralysis.

Using our proprietary LayerFormâ„¢ coating technology, LayerBio is developing novel drug-eluting nerve conduit that releases neuroregenerative growth factors into the nerve gap to promote healing and improve peripheral nerve function after surgical repair.