LayerForm™ coatings were developed based on the principles of electrostatic layer-by-layer thin film assembly.  The LayerForm™ coating process involves sequential applications of a materials of alternating charge which accumulate to a form a thin film.  When exposed to an aqueous environment, these films degrade hydrolytically.


Conformal Films

LayerForm™ coatings are conformal in nature and have been applied to a variety of materials with goemetrically complex surfaces, including intraocular lenses, bandages and sutures. LayerForm™ coatings have been developed with various small molecules, siRNA/nucleic acids and biologic agents suitable for a range of therapeutic applications. 


Tunable Releases

LayerForm™ coatings have tunable release kinetics.  By varying properties of the polymer constituents, it is possible to adjust release profiles to suit the desired alication. Typical release times with LayerForm™ range from days to weeks and in some cases months.